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Reece Lipman hard at work, filming in Singapore
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director, filmmaker,   editor   and   writer.

With experience of being both a self shooting filmmaker as well as leading crews I know how to get the very best film out of any environment. My work has been nominated and won awards at film festivals worldwide, including BIFA and BAFTA qualifying events.

My experience includes work in narrative content (short films and web series), corporate and promotional content, documentaries and music videos. I have made films with a huge range of subjects, from some of the world's top business leaders to disadvantaged young people. I have directed, shot or edited work for AMPAS (The Oscars), The Royal Society, UniCredit, The Science Museum, The Royal Collection, The British Museum, The British Library, Jeep, HSBC, The IoD, The Museum of London, National Autistic Society and many many more. I have also been lucky enough to film in 13 different countries to date on 3 continents (and counting!)

In my career I have had a lot of highlights including being privileged enough to film on the roof of Buckingham Palace, directing Bill Nighy as he led a tour of his favourite London art gallery and travelling to Singapore to interview some of the world's leading scientists. But few things can top the 2 times I have interviewed Sir David Attenborough! It's hard to see how things can get better than that.

As a writer / director I am also working on a number of personal projects. In September 2020 I directed a short film which I wrote; Ice Cream & Doughnuts. Completed in 2021, the film screened at festivals worldwide, picking up 3 awards and multiple other nominations. In December 2022 it was released online via YouTubes largest short film platform Omeleto, being viewed over 10,000 times in its first week. I am now hard at work on new short films as well as other writing projects.


As a storyteller I am interested in people, relationships and life. I love creating eye catching work which you can emotionally connect to. More than anything I want to create narrative content and beautiful films that show life in a way that only cinema can.

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